STAY is currently under construction! STAY tuned!

Why Stay?

STAY was created to bring people together and brighten cozy spaces. The glow of a candle can relax your mind or make your home more welcoming for company. Naturally, people are attracted to pleasant scents because when things smell good, they're more inclined to STAY.
The idea came when quarantine was implemented. The goal was to remind people to stay in a good light despite their obstacles. What better way to do it with the glow of a candle?
All candles are made with 100% soy, hand-poured with thought and loved ones in mind. Buttery flakes of soy are melted and blended with potent fragrance oils. The botanicals in STAY have the ability to disguise the smell of smoke allowing the fragrance to linger.
At the end of your last glow, a small tumble stone awaits! This reminds you to find the beauty in all the small things that life has to offer. Once the aromas fill your space, they may become too comfortable to leave. I can’t determine how long they’ll be there, but don’t blame them for wanting to STAY. 
Thank you for allowing me into your safe space.